dimanche 11 décembre 2011

One Tree Hill: Hommage à la plus belle des séries au monde

J'ai l'impression de perdre une famille. Je ne dirai pas grand chose à par ces mots là:

"Dear One Tree Hill Cast and Crew, 

I am a part of the OTH family. Eight years ago, you all took part in creating a TV show that changed our lives. You have given us eight seasons of hope and laughter. You've brought tears to our eyes and smiles to our faces. Even when life seemed hard and it didn't feel like anything could help, this show was always there to pull us back. To remind us to fight for what we love and to never give up. You taught us how to believe, how to love, and how to live. Through this show, we were able to discover our voice. You gave us just a small town, but in that small town we found peace and clarity and things we couldn't find anywhere else. Through every character and every storyline... every kiss, every car crash, every psycho-stalker, and every wedding... you have taught us to believe again. Without this show, we wouldn't be who we are today. We are strong, we are capable, and it's all because of you. From the main stars of the show to the man that holds the microphone, you have all had an impact in our lives, and we can never thank you enough for it. You gave us a chance to be part of something that's bigger than ourselves. We've formed unbreakable bonds with these characters, the cast, and other fans that we've met along the way. Now that it's ending, we realize that we're going to be missing a major part of our lives. A part that has existed for eight years. A part that made us become the people we are today. But we will carry on. And no matter what happens, this show will carry on. It has been in our lives since as long as we can remember, and it will stay with us because we will never forget. It will remain in our hearts for the rest of time. Its story and message will live on through its fans, and we will never let it die. In our lives we're going to go to some great places and we're going to do some wonderful things. But no matter where we go or who we become, this place will always be with us. There is only one Tree Hill. And it's our home. "

Ces mots ont été écrit par oth9season 


C'est la première série à laquelle j'ai été accros, c'est la série qui m'a fait verser le plus de larmes, la série qui chaque fois à su rebondir, qui m'a appris tellement de choses. C'est la série qui me manquera le plus au monde.
J'en suis d'ailleurs persuadée, mais un jour je recommencerai les 9 saisons.

Merci à eux et surtout à Sophia Bush, le personnage dont je me sens le plus proche dans toute l'histoire des séries.