mercredi 22 juin 2011

People always leave - Peyton

Vodka. Sandou. Fanta. Chèvre. Pray song. Toast. Mamadou Koulibaly. JB. Mother Gaia
Non, mademoiselle. Gars en or
Couverture. Foot. Loana. 15. Carré. Voiture. Grenouille. Moto. Merci. Esprit. Babysit.
Confession Intime. Short. Pleine de jeux. Hopital. Schivelavabo. Karate Kid. huitres.

 Chauffage électrique. Capsule. Cicatrices. Saumon. Rouge. Bonne. Home de vieux.

LLN. Parfum. The mentalist. Youtube. Mr Fraize. Février. Rosier. Bonheur. 

   ... Mensonge.

I keep thinking; "It's your loss. It's not mine." But it is also mine. You
chose to lose me. You, the only boy, who so far, holds the ability to make me
smile faster than someone can snap their fingers. Yes, finally, it's my loss..